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The Investment Opportunity--Former East Germany

  • German property prices are not much above early 90's levels
  • High cap rates of 8%+ (gross rental yields) 
  • Cash-on-cash returns of 10%+ 
  • Long stable tenancies--average of 13 years
  • Low vacancy rates
  • Potential to increase rents through active management
  • Extremely low cost of debt enabling efficient leverage 
  • Low home ownership level of ~30%  (vs. ~70% in the U.S. and U.K.) presents latent domestic demand as access to mortgage capital increases
  • Overall improvement in the German economy and business confidence 
  • Potential for price appreciation
  • Opportunity for non-Euro zone investors to diversify into Euro currency-particularly attractive to investors from countries with high current account and trade deficits (e.g. United States) 
  • Real estate is a low "Beta" investment class

Berlin--The Capital City

  • The Capital of the World's 3rd Largest Economy--Berlin is the capital of Germany with a core job base associated with government and tourism and is also one of the 16 Federal states (Bundeslaender) comprising the German Federal Republic
  • Highly Educated Populace--there are 21 Universities and colleges and many research institutions with more than 62,000 scientists doing research and development
  • Youthful City--Berlin has 3.4 million residents and 150,000 students--more than 820,000 people under age 25 live in Berlin
  • World Culture City--Berlin is home to 170 museums including the world-famous Museum Island (Museuminsel), a UNESCO world heritage site, and hundreds of galleries. The newly opened Bode Museum has been receiving international acclaim. Berlin has three major opera companies, seven symphony orchestras and more than 50 theaters for the performing arts
  • Tourist Mecca--in 2005 Berlin had 14.5 million overnight stays, up 10.3% from 2004. Berlin promises to continue to be a hot destination for tourists worldwide
  • New Air Hub--Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport opening in 2012 will make Berlin a gateway to the East and adding 100,000 new jobs to the local economy
  • Low prices--real estate in Berlin sells for 50% the price of any major European capital and 10% of New York City or London 
  • Dresden--Silicon Saxony

    • Dresden is the capital city of the Federal State of Saxony
    • Population Growth--Dresden has 500,000 residents and is growing
    • Economic Powerhouse--Dresden has the lowest unemployment rate in former East Germany
    • High-Tech Center--Dresden is home to semiconductor and solar energy firms including Infineon, AMD and Qimonda and the world's largest concentration of firms focusing on the development of solar energy using photo-votaic cells
    • Florence on the Elbe--Tourism draws 8.8 million visitors to Dresden every year to see such Baroque masterpieces as the Frauenkirche, Zwinger and Semperoper
    • Low prices-- prime investment real estate in Dresden can still be purchased for 1200 Euros per square meter (~ $110 per square foot)

    Investment Expertise

    Our professionals have an in-depth knowledge of Dresden and Berlin's neighborhoods and the developing trends in the market. As principals, we have purchased residential and commercial mixed use properties in Dresden Neustadt and Pieschen. In Berlin we have invested in Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Charlottenburg, Steglitz and Wedding.

    We are experts at valuation, negotiation and acquisition of real estate in former East Germany. We emphasize return on equity and appropriately leveraged returns.

    As experienced foreign investors ourselves, we have established relationships with German financing sources and property management firms with which we have had tremendous success. 

    We have German language capability and understand the legal and cultural differences and challenges presented by the German real estate market.

     If you interested in making an investment in real estate in former East Germany, please contact Edward G. Scheibler at

    Who We Are

    Berlin Real Estate Investment Partners owns and operates a portfolio of residential and commercial mixed-use properties in former East Germany.   The Managing Principal of the Partnership is Edward G. Scheibler.

    Mr. Scheibler has more than twenty years of corporate finance experience having worked as an attorney for a large Wall Street law firm and as head of the mergers and acquisition activities of a Fortune 500 multi-national client. In addition to investments in Dresden and Berlin, Germany, Mr. Scheibler is an active investor in real estate and has owned and managed portfolio investment properties in New York City, Naples, Florida and San Diego, California.

    Berlin Real Estate Investment Partners have been active investors in former East Germany since 2005 and have achieved cap rates in excess of 8% and net cash-on-cash returns in excess of 10%.

    Mr. Scheibler is a fluent speaker of German and has resided in both Germany and Austria.  Mr. Scheibler holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas (Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude) and completed graduate studies in finance at New York University Stern Graduate School of Business.